Accountant Now

What is Accountant Now all about?

Accountant Now (ACN) highly values the unique role a qualified Accountant can play in a company. As our professional announcer on our home and other pages confirms, the right accountant can have a very great and highly positive influence on the financial performance of an organisation. We uphold the principle that "The right professional accountant pays for themselves", but we do not entertain the myth that all accountants are the same. Research shows that the quality and value of accounting services in the UK varies greatly. Other research highlights that many UK businesses make little use of accounting expertise settling, instead, for mere submission of statutory accounts and thereby failing to get access to the significant benefits that professional accountants can offer a business, such as: up to date financial reporting and information which improves decision making and helps management take better decisions. Improved use of business assets, both liquid and fixed. A better understanding of the cashflow of the business, and better access to a variety of efficient forms of business finance to underpin business growth. Making best use of the experience of business that a good accountants offers is almost beyond price. Finally business research also highlights one of the key reasons for business failure in UK Smes is poor financial management. A good accountant can help businesses make sure it has good financial management. ACN is dedicated to working for an improvement and raising of standards and total value that UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) receive from their Accountants, across all main and specialist UK business sectors.

ACN is a rising star in the professional services sector, introducing consumers to leading local firms best matched for their company, sector and budget.

How A Better Matching Of Your Accounting Needs Can Help Your Company

ACN matches your basic requirements for a certified accountancy service to those professional firms in your area that are best suited and qualified to help you. The selection provided will come from matching accountants whose specialism most closely matches your company's needs. Foe example, professional contractors need contractor accountants who are experienced in mitigating tax for their niche sector; self-employed business people need small business accountants that can produce annual accountants and prepare corporation tax returns for less than £500, and medium sized and larger corporations need accountants who specialise or are experience in larger multi-company businesses and their complex tax considerations. In most cases ACN will offer a choice of several chartered or certified accountancy firms and for sefl employed and start ups qualified bookkeepers who can produce small business accounts as well.

Having a selection helps consumers obtain a cross-fertilisation of advice making it easier to choose the right accounting service for your company. ACN only takes sufficient information from consumers to improve the match and for the appropriate accountancy services to be able to contact you. The consumer remains completely in control of which accounting services they choose, and which local practice they nominate to deliver services to their organisation. ACN works hard to continually improve its service, to make the process smoother and easier, and to reduce the time consumers spend on comparison, switching or selecting accounting services. It is now less a necessity to leave your office, or office at home, to carry out these tasks, especially at the enquiry and initial stages. Furthermore ACN makes its service available free for business consumers to use.

Registered and accredited accountancy firms with us pay a modest fee to access the service. It is important for both consumers and accounting professionals to be aware that ACN's ongoing product development and continuous improvement programme is strongly influenced by its strong consumer focus. ACN collects feedback on service delivery and suggestions for service improvements by both business consumers and accounting professionals. They are warmly welcomed, both positive and negative equally. They are used to influence ongoing product development which has as its focus continuous improvement in value management and delivery. If you are interested or require more details of ACN's product development and innovation please contact ACN by email or phone.

Some Relevant Facts

Accountant Now - Saves Time, Saves Money, Increases Value Quality and Satisfaction.

A guiding principle of ACN is our commitment to save consumers time. Accountancy firms will contact you, at a time suggested by you, to arrange a telephone or face to face meeting, either at your business, your home, their offices or wherever you suggest as long as it is conducive to business dialogue and discussion.

Arrive At The Best Accounting Package For Your Organisation

This is not merely a sales statement! What ACN is trying to convey by this is: the provision of more than one professional opinion will provide more choice of options on how best to respond to your accounting challenges and needs. Any assistance that your business might obtain from a qualified accountant as a result of using ACN is more likely to be more productive. You will have been empowered to better able select the best accounting service and solution for you and your business.