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Now comes to the stage where you decide how many leads you wish to buy. At present we sell our quality low cost accounting leads via credits, on average a lead costs 3 credits, with each credit costing approximately £8 net of vat. For budgetary purposes, leads should cost on average approximately £25 depending on how many credits are bought at the time - a small discount applies the more credits bought. Please always remember our prices are INCLUSIVE OF VAT - but thankfully it is easy for accountants to THINK NET.

We suggest you consider purchasing 5 accounting leads (say 15 credits). Why? Firstly if £125 net of vat scares you, this is a clear sign that our service is not for you (or that possibly you have not yet grapsed the financial and others signifcant benefits our accounting leads system might mean to you and your firm, which simply means you need more information or confirmation. If so, please feel free to contact us and we can help you get further clarification; but in a nutshell, we can save you and your firm time, reduce hassle and most of all, help you make more money by increasing your opportunities to win business and fees revenue. How? By sending business consumers to your desktop who are actively looking for accounting services in your area today. Purchasing 5 leads allows you to hedge your bets, and limit your risk, but most of all, it gives you a sufficient number to evaluate fairly and rationally whether this form of new client acquisition suits you, and your accounting firm. We know it works since we already have accountants making money on our system. Would you like to join them? We will support you to achieve your financial goals.

Finally, after you have signed up, you may wish to contact us (via email or phone) to enquire about the 'buy all' status. This would give your firm instant access to the low cost accounting leads for the locations (permissions) you have requested. It would allow you to reach your prospect faster, as well as get the consumer to view your firms details on his screen immediately the make their request for accounting services in your area (perhaps 8pm in the evening). This improves your firm's chances to convert the accounting enquiry into paid accountancy work - the primary purpose of using Accountant Now. After all, for many prospective clients, it is the first accredited accountant past the post that they often seem to choose, whether they admit it or not. At the present there is no additional charge for this service.

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