Below is a selection of questions business consumers might ask.

If your question(s) is not listed below, for a quick answer please email: help@accountantnow.co.uk

Does Accountant Now offer accounting services, in its own right?

No! We are an internet marketing company that brings business consumers and accounting service providers together - this is Accountant Now's core service.

How Many Accredited Accountancy Practices, Accounting Services and Bookkeeping Services are there on accountantnow.co.uk system?

Hundreds for each region, but we restrict the accounting enquiry to be responded to, to three accountants - the ones that mostly closely.

Why Are Accounting Fees Not Published?

In essence that is why accountantnow.co.uk was created. Accounting services in the UK have traditionally been expensive, but knowing the price of a service is not as important as understanding the value of a service. The right accountant for your business can save you thousands of pounds in tax, help your business reduce its costs, and make suggestions to further increase your productivity. Not all accountants are the same. All these benefits can contribute greatly towards and even amount to more than any annual accounting services fees. An average or poor accountant can actually cost a business more, and it may not even be related to the monthly or annual accounting fees. Professional fees they are negotiable, but so are the services they deliver. Companies should consistently work to improve the relationship with their accountant over time either by renegotiation or switching to a better value service. We want registered accountants to quote for your services based upon current business costs, your specific requirements and the desire to deliver outstanding customer service and exceeding customer expectations, such as financial management information (accurate, timely), tax strategy, cash planning, not just statutory returns and an annual fee.

Do You Receive Commission On Any Deals Made?

No! In fact we have no idea what services are provided or fees charged made through our system. The professional registered with us (chartered accountants, accounting services etc.) pay us for having access to consumer who may be interested in hiring an accountant or accounting service, nothing more. We have no data on how interested any consumer is in actually going ahead with a particular accountant, or contract and no data on what fees are actually agreed.

Do You Give Preference To An Accountancy Firm

No! Just like comparison sites, accountantnow.co.uk is consumer driven. In short the happier you are with using the service, the more you will return and more importantly recommend accountantnow.co.uk to other business people. The accountants on this site are for your benefit, not for any particular accounting practice.

What If I Am Unsure About The Fees Structure I have been Offered?

It is always recommended to get professional advice before you enter any financial agreement. This is something accountantnow.co.uk cannot give you. If you are still unsure whether an accountant or accounting service is right for you, then you should NOT go ahead with the arrangement until you have had all the options explained to you. Ultimately the final decision rests with you.