It’s not just York accountants that are concerned about tax. The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu,  spoke recently on tax avoidance, in a statement he made highlighting ‘city greed’. To curb tax avoidance he suggests we publicise how much tax we pay. The Guardian has quoted  Archbishop Sentamu, as follows:


My second suggestion concerns tax avoidance.  The idea came originally from someone who, despite his wealth, regards tax avoidance as unethical.  He suggested that a tick box should be added to tax forms which you would tick if you were willing for the amount you paid in tax to be made public.  The idea was, on the one hand,  to encourage people to take pride in the contribution they made through the tax system to the wellbeing of society, and on the other, perhaps to make people a little ashamed if they did not tick the box. Not to tick the box would suggest that you felt you had something to hide.  Given the government’s attempts to reduce the public spending deficit, each thousand pounds of tax avoided presumably means an additional thousand pounds of cuts to public services on which the least well off are particularly dependent. [Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu]


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