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It took several years of development and planning to create the Accountant Now service. We are here to help you climb the steep mountain of success. Let us take you with us. We retail quality low-cost accounting leads, passing on enquiries for local accounting services coming through our website. We invite a select few accredited accountants and local accountancy firms whom we approve, interested in trying out our productive marketing system, and unlike competing systems, Accountant Now restricts participation to respond to a specific accounting enquiry to three local accountants per designated area. Accountant Now offers a friendly and supportive business environment with preferential terms, which we sincerely hope you will find appealing.

We also hope you might be impressed with the energy and dynamism of our service. Initial results proved extremely positive, giving us the confidence to roll out the service throughout England and Wales. Business consumers find the right accounting service for their business, (will they find yours?) and are extremely satisfied. Registered accountants with Accountant Now find the right type of new client for their practice, at an opportunity cost they can easily afford, with a cashflow they can easily manage, and with impressive added benefits like valuable time saved, hassle eradicated, key focus maintained plus the future promise of potential revenue within the lifetime of the prospective client. This creates strong client satisfaction with our service. The challenge is to exceed the business consumers constantly changing expectations, whilst delivering you fee paying opportunities for you to convert into paid work. So the question is:

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Consider some facts.

Each accounting lead differs dependent on size of business, but say an accounting lead from Accountant Now on average costs just £24 (inclusive of Vat)

    * If your conversion rate is 1 in 2, it has cost you £48 per sale (incl vat)

    * If your conversion rate is 1 in 3, it has cost you £72 per sale (incl vat)

In terms on return on investment (ROI), if accounting industry norms and market research are accurate, a client lifetime for UK Accountants is on average 7-years. You or your firm will use its own in-house metrics for analysis, no doubt. Concerning fees, if we take by way of an example, circa £700 per annum (for annual accounts including corporate tax filing); and if for analysis purposes only, we also assume that there would be (a) no fees growth in any projected sale figures, and (b) no upsell of additional accounting support services (however unlikely a scenario this might be for you) then the average client is worth approximately £5,000 of your accountancy firm's fee income.

So the next question is: How much might you be prepared to pay for the chance to make a sale? How much would that additional income really be worth to your firm? Would £150 seem a good investment, especially since now that many clients these days are enrolled by paying monthly via standing order, meaning that, in cashflow terms at least, payback is within 90 days.

However, the reality is that up to 70% of all accounting enquiries are likely to be new businesses of less than 1 year (first years accounting package). In your Accountant Now's permissions you can specify not to receive these if you so choose, but many accountants do take start ups on as clients. The rationale is clear. Despite taking into account that over 50% of all UK start ups fail within 4 years, the metrics are still very healthy. Say in the regions, £600 is the annual firsy year accounting cost, and say some basic bookkeeping support is required for a micro business under £100,000 first year, and based on a 2-year life, paid monthly. Your overall fee income would be in the region £2,000 for your price of your low cost Accountant Now lead. All things being equal, fee levels, location, quality of customer service etc, then it is likely that one might expect 1 sale in 2 or 1 in 3 at worst case scenario for start up clients. ROI would be £2,000 less £50 for leads (avg conversion rate better than 1 in 3) plus your accounting service costs. How does that total up in your books? Not bad considering (a) from a cashflow perspective its payback in one month, if billed @£50 pm, and (b) considering this is the smallest accounting lead one can receive from Accountant Now. In London accountant's earnings tend to be higher on average.

Did you know that Accountant Now can filter your accounting leads you receive by:

  • Location Of Customer, Postcode District, or Main Town/Inner City Area
  • Accountancy service sought, annual accounts, tax returns etc
  • Business Entity LTD, PLC, LLP, Landlords, Sole Traders etc
  • Turnover
  • No of Employees
  • Style of Accounting Service (face-to-face or online)

How much do you currently pay to get a sale? (You may be surprised as to how many accountants do not know this figure or do not consider it a key performance indicator. Like many business owners, they would be astounded to find out what the figure really is, especially when costing their own professional time that they themselves invest in so called business development activities such as networking etc.). We doubt the returns on investment are as cost effective, as the figures above, or the process as efficient.

  • There are no monthly subscriptions
  • You can change what leads you receive, as demand and business resources change throughout the day, week, month or year with a phone call to a dedicated account handler;
  • Once your firm has built up trust, as an accredited member of Accountant Now you can opt for 'no leads holiday' without needing to contact us.

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Are we generating new business here? Every sale generated from an accounting lead through Accountant Now is a sale lost by those not on the system. It goes to a local competitor, who has just got ever so slightly bigger, stronger. Hoping this situation will go away is unrealistic.

We find small and medium sized UK enterprises and business professionals looking for accounting services online now, and we offer them a real choice of appropriate accounting services, matching their business type to the right kind of accountancy service. The consumer is delighted with real quotes from reputable accredited accountancy firms matched to their business budget and needs plus the added benefit of an online and telephone support helpline. It makes the process simple for the business consumer, but it also gives you, the accountant, a genuine prospective customer who has not yet decided which accounting service to use. You have a warm prospect to pitch to, and negotiate attractive terms. This increases conversion rates, massively saves you time and effort. Hence the steady growth in demand for these services.

Who is this right for?

There's no escape. Marketing and growing one's business remains a numbers game, not a zero sum game, and remember an accounting lead is not a sale. we offer accounting leads charged at a sufficiently low enough cost to make up for this.

We suggest you:

  • Make a decision about the conversion rate you feel you should achieve.
  • Filter your accounting leads to match your firms strengths (or clients likely to convert)
  • Make sure these prospective customers get an accounting quote through the Accountant Now system first (To know who you are).
  • Then Follow up with a phone call to every lead, within a reasonably short period of time after the system quote.
  • For business consumers who don't instruct you, ask if you can keep in touch with newsletters etc. (Every accounting contact has a value.)

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This is a proven success strategy to gain more, in this case, accounting sales.

Who is this not right for?

If you feel clients should come to you, or that you are simply not prepared to put in the relevant effort to respond properly to each accounting request and delivering good customer service, then is not for you.

We reserve the right to choose who is on the system.

What To Do Next

If you would just like more general info and to request a call back from Accountant Now for a general discussion, please use the contact form below (foot of the page).

If however you are sufficiently interested and have already decided that you would like to try Accountant Now's service then why not save time and go straight to our simple sign up form (afterwards we will set up your locations, and services you want to receive accounting leads for. Clcik on the 'Learn More' images again to go to the next stage. (We limit the number of accountants per area are on the system to ensure a fair spread of business, but to ensure the consumer gets an acceptable selection.) There is currently an added incentive to try something new, like our service, with a discount on leads (when bought online). However an Accountant Now colleague can contact you at a time convenient to you to customise the service to your requirements if you would prefer.

Accountant Now is part of Business Support Finder Ltd, an internet marketing service dedicated for professionals, and based in York at the Eco Business Centre, and previously at the ex-ICI Headquarters at Redcar. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may still have, so please ask, either call us now or fill in the online form, and we'll call you at a time convenient to you. Have a good day. When you're with Accountant Now it certainly will be. Together we can make a difference!

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